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X8 Energy Gum is powered by all natural ingredients that will carry you through a pre-workout, sustain you through a long run and help you with recovery. You'll never get the jitters, and you'll never have that awful crash because we are formulated to keep you energized, focused without a chemical cocktail rushing through your body! X8 Brands -The Leaders in Performance gums! 


X8 Top Tips

X8 Energy Gum is your all natural,  “all-in-one” source in just one serving for your preworkout, enhance performance and recovery. 

So skip the “Chemical Cocktail”

So skip the “Chemical Cocktail”

Avoid the “Suspicious Supplements”

         Forgo the “goo!”

Forgo the “GOO!”

To maximize your X8 Energy Gum experience, our experts recommend the following

  • As a pre-workout - chew (1 to 2 pieces) X8 5 minutes before to get the boost you need to get PUMPED (in under 10 minutes of chewing X8 is 100 percent in your bloodstream) 

  • Just before the race - avoid loading up on those sugar or chemical packed loaded liquids and chew X8 Energy Gum instead

  • Midway through a workout – our fast absorbing gum will give you the energy you need to enhance and improve your performance