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4550 PGA Blvd
Palm Beach Gardens, FL, 33418
United States


X8 Energy Gum is powered by all natural ingredients that will carry you through a pre-workout, sustain you through a long run and help you with recovery. You'll never get the jitters, and you'll never have that awful crash because we are formulated to keep you energized, focused without a chemical cocktail rushing through your body! X8 Brands -The Leaders in Performance gums! 


About us

In 2012 Robert DiMarco, our CEO and a serial entrepreneur, was given the opportunity to pursue performance gums. In no time, he went from investor to inventor - dreaming up formulations to enrich the lives of consumers. Right away he knew that their inaugural gum would be ENERGY. Like many people, he was tired of relying on caloric coffees and chemical cocktails to get the boost he needed. He wanted an all natural, quick and convenient alternative that would have multiple benefits - and X8 Energy Gum was born!

A year later Maruchy Lachance, our COO, joined the X8 team and introduced X8 Energy Gum to her running community.  Today we have a product that is used by the extreme athlete, the weekend warrior and everyone in-between. The formulation is uniquely designed to work as a pre-workout supplement, endurance performance enhancer and recovery tool – all this, and it improves focus so you’re not just getting an energy boost, but you remain sharp.

The truth is if you meet us we will spend much of our time telling you about the science behind the gum. You can’t blame us because we didn't just purchase a formula, we worked diligently to help develop it. And we are most proud of the fact that we can bring consumers everything they need from an energy supplement in a safe, fast-acting gum!

Today X8 Energy Gum can be seen and purchased at events all over the U.S. If you see us at your next event, stop in and say “Hi” and if you don’t, please email us and tell us where we can bring our XLR8ing gum to next!

 We are X8 Brands, A Colorado Proud Company and the Leaders in Performance Gums.