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4550 PGA Blvd
Palm Beach Gardens, FL, 33418
United States


X8 Energy Gum is powered by all natural ingredients that will carry you through a pre-workout, sustain you through a long run and help you with recovery. You'll never get the jitters, and you'll never have that awful crash because we are formulated to keep you energized, focused without a chemical cocktail rushing through your body! X8 Brands -The Leaders in Performance gums! 


X8 Brands Teams up with Premium Nutraceuticals Expands Distribution

Robert DiMarco

For Immediate release

Palm Beach Gardens, Florida - X8 Brands is pleased to announce that it has added Premium Nutraceuticals to its online sales and distribution for its X8 Energy Gum.

“We are excited to be working with Premium Nutraceuticals, they have a fantastic network and customer base and fit well with our products.” Robert Dimarco, CEO and co-founder of X8 Brands.

Premium Nutraceuticals will be selling X8 Energy Gum as an upsell on their websites:  and 

Founded in 2012, X8 Energy Gum’s patented formula has a special blend of ingredients that make this unique gum a great alternative to those energy boosting drinks and gels. The delivery system for this “energy gum” also makes it the perfect partner for athletes that want a pre-workout, endurance enhancer and recovery aid all in a quick-acting, convenient gum.

X8 Energy Gum is just one of the all-natural products designed by X8 Brands, the leaders in performance gums. The company is committed to applying its patented gum delivery system to empower consumers on their goals to leading healthy lifestyles. A commitment that they are now able to share with customers of Premium Nutraceuticals, a company dedicated to enhance the lives of their customers. 

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