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X8 Energy Gum is powered by all natural ingredients that will carry you through a pre-workout, sustain you through a long run and help you with recovery. You'll never get the jitters, and you'll never have that awful crash because we are formulated to keep you energized, focused without a chemical cocktail rushing through your body! X8 Brands -The Leaders in Performance gums! 



What is X8™ Energy Gum?

We’re an all-natural performance gum that enters your body super-fast so you can enjoy the benefits of our active ingredients before, during and after your workout – all in ONE SERVING!

 Why should I switch to X8 Energy Gum from what I use now?

We’re a performance gum company, not your mother. So though we won’t tell you to stop using your product, we will invite you to try X8 and see why so many athletes like yourself are switching.

 #1: We’re a GUM which means you will get the energy you need 8x faster than if you ingested a drink, a goo or GELS. Our active ingredients get absorbed through your cheeks and gums and totally by-pass the digestive process. Another bonus is that because we’re not a liquid, or a product you have to chase with water, we won’t slow you down!

 #2: We’re ALL NATURAL. No freaky, funky ingredients that will make you feel jittery or shoot you up and then make you crash. We believe you should feel your best - our blend of B vitamins, Amino Acids and caffeine will give you a smooth and sustained boost that wears off between 4 to 6 hours.

 #3: We’re ECONOMICAL. We’re athletes too so we know how expensive it is to be you. Equipment, clothes, registration costs. X8 Energy Gum saves you money in many ways, but the main one is that you’ll be getting your 1) pre-workout 2) endurance enhance and 3) recovery all in ONE serving.

Here's what YOU get you in a pack of X8 Gum...



  • You always get a consistent and accurate amount delivered buccally into your bloodstream in a super-fast and safe manner


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Your gum is AMAZING but my friend doesn’t like the flavor. Can you guys make a Pumpkin Spice Latte Grande flavored X8 Energy Gum for her?

Ah – no. We’re glad to hear that YOU like our gum and sorry that your friend doesn’t like the flavor. Over at our lab, we discovered that it’s very difficult to mask the natural flavors of our active ingredients without using lots of artificial chemicals.  X8 Energy Gum is NOT a candy or a caffeine gum. We are a Performance Gum using a patented delivery system formulated to deliver energy and endurance fast and efficiently.

Though X8 Brands is currently working on a new and improved formulation of our X8 Energy Gum that promises a stronger and sweeter gum – we will leave the chemical-filled flavorings to the other guys and continue to provide our consumers with “the best and better for you” energy, endurance and recovery supplement in the market!

 I tried your gum and didn’t feel the BURST of energy I wanted. What gives?

X8 Energy Gum is NOT loaded with SUGAR, TAURINE or GUARANA so you won’t get that big BURST of energy followed by that giant CRASH. X8’s all natural blend will give you a smooth boost of sustained energy and endurance that will last between 4 to 6 hour  in a subtle, natural and effective way and you will see an improvement in your endurance. give us a try! 

What are these “All Natural Ingredients” and how do they work?

1.      Caffeine: Gives boost of energy while enhancing performance and focus.

2.      B Vitamins:  Regulates cellular metabolism while providing pure energy. It also helps maintain the metabolic rate, and increases the rate of cell growth and cell division in the body.

3.      Amino Acids: When used prior to a workout, they help decrease muscle soreness and fatigue - improving recovery.

Does X8 Energy Gum make me more attractive?

Our lawyers advised us not to answer that but we’re sure you’re above average in looks and should stop being so hard on yourself.

How much caffeine is in X8™ Energy Gum?

One serving of X8™ Energy Gum contains the amount of caffeine in one cup (250 ml) of coffee - but our serving won’t make you have to make a line at the porta-a-potty before the race!  

My body is my temple, is X8 Energy Gum “vegetarian friendly?

We applaud your healthy lifestyle and bow at your temple – we are happy to report that X8 Energy Gum is:

  • Vegetarian

  • Vegan

X8 Energy Gum is also FREE of these ingredients:

  •  Glutten

  •  Wheat

  •  Dairy

  • Herbal Stimulants

  • Sugars

  • Preservatives

  • Taurine

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Though we are a pretty awesome product, there are still some individuals that X8 Energy Gum is NOT recommended for: 

  • Pregnant or lactating women

  • Children (under the age of 13)

  • Individuals sensitive to caffeine or any of the ingredients contained in our gum

If you have any concerns, check with your healthcare provider before ingesting this, or any other supplements on the market.

I LOVE X8 Energy Gum and want to promote it on my BLOG – Can I make a buck or two?

We’re glad you love our gum. Please email us at with the subject line: AFFiliate and we will send you information on how you can make money by promoting us on your blog.

Does X8 Energy Gum sponsor events?

Yes we do. We have sponsored and provided samples of our gum at countless 5K, half and full marathons and triathlons. If you know of an event that you’d like to see X8 Energy Gum at, just email our Promo Team at with the details and your contact information.

You have a great product and I have some dispensable cash. Can I invest in X8 Energy Gum?

You sure can! X8 Energy Gum is powered by X8 Brands – The Leader in Performance Gums. We’d love to hear from you so email us at

Note: X8 Energy Gum complies with the provisions of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education as regulated by the FDA